But, Peter, how do we get to Never Land?
Fly, of course!
It's easy! All you have to do is ... think of a wonderful thought! 
Any happy little thought?

- from Disney's Peter Pan "You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly!"

Any Happy Little Thoughts is an approach to documenting Disney-related memories as they evolve over time, instead of as isolated vacations and events. I found that the way I wanted to document my love of Disney went beyond the usual (although fun and memorable) vacation. I wanted to create something that was broader in scope, delved into my past as well as my present, and could continue to evolve as new memories were made.

I have photos, mementos, recordings, videos, paper scraps, memories, stories, and just miscellaneous stuff that have one thing in common - they are Disney. Be it my vacation photos from Disneyland in the past year, to the "Merriest Songs" record I found at my parents from my childhood, to the DVD collection we have as a family with children - they all have meaning in my life in some way, and they all link back to the Disney brand. I have always been a memory-keeper and a collector, and all of this stuff helps tell a part of my story. They remind me of happy moments, my dreams from childhood, and people that I love.

Collectively, my Disney stuff didn't belong in the scrapbooks I had made for my kids, or in the photobooks and albums I had created for some of our vacations. As I have wondered what to do with it all, I did know that I wanted to preserve it all in a creative way. I finally decided to create a scrapbook album that documents my Disney-related memories from over the years. In short, they are my happy little thoughts.

telling Disney stories

For me, Any Happy Little Thoughts is a project that is always a work in progress, and will take the shape of a scrapbook album, relying heavily on the memory-keeping style of Project Life / pocket scrapbooking. But you can use other methods to document your Disney stories:
  • design digital scrapbook pages (the digital designer)
  • showcase photos (the photographer)
  • utilize words in the style of a journal (the writer)
  • document online (the blogger)
  • create audio / video recordings (the videographer)
  • sketch and paint (the art journalist)
  • develop mixed media presentations (the artist)
  • any combination of the above

about the blog

On Any Happy Little Thoughts, I plan to share a themed story concept about every two to three weeks, with the potential to add related content. This will come in three parts: 

Mood Board + Word List
Music Playlist
Story Concept + Images + Journaling

My purpose of the blog is simply to document my process of documenting Disney memories (ha!) and to share memory-keeping and scrapbook-related ideas. I hope you find something on the blog that inspires you to share more of your magical memories and the various connections you have to all things Disney.

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