June 10, 2014

Happy Little Thought: Sunshine + Palm Trees

Map image from Dalia Bullen's Blog.
The Orange Bird album cover from this Pin on Pinterest. The original
source is not current (www.disneynerd.org).

I grew up knowing all about Walt Disney World. I am a Floridian by birth, vacationed more times than I can count on the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, and even spent four great college years in the Tampa Bay area. Most of my Disney Parks experiences happened as an adult, and I consider the Magic Kingdom my home park.

Then an unexpected, life-changing move for my family occurred in February of 2013, when we left Georgia and started a new life chapter in Northern California. Instead of driving eight hours from our North Georgia home to WDW, we now drive six hours from the San Francisco Bay Area to Disneyland. This opportunity has afforded me greater insight into the similarities and differences between the California-based Disney Parks and those based in Florida. I have my positives and negatives for both - but because I love it all, I say they are each great in their own way.

Vintage Disneyland poster found at B for Bel.
California Screamin' stock photo from Disney's PhotoPass Photo CD.

florida + california
The locations of the North American parks make them cornerstones of their respective state's massive tourism industry. While they are located on opposite sides of the U.S., the parks' locations grant many guests the chance to enjoy lots of sunshine and easy access to beautiful beaches. Palm trees are commonplace, and sunny skies are expected. Sure, there is humidity, bugs, and daily afternoon rain in Disney World. And Disneyland can catch you off-guard with cool nights and early mornings. But in general, people are experiencing the environment of a classic American vacation: theme park grandeur with plenty of sunshine and palm trees.

sunshine + palm trees

sunny with a chance of rain
sticky humidity
love bugs
orange groves
Lake Buena Vista
sunrise on The Atlantic
sunset on The Gulf
swaying palms
hibiscus flowers
tropical climate

sunny with a chance of fog
dry heat
park felines
Orange County
surf culture
sunset on The Pacific
towering palms
birds of paradise
Mediterranean climate

If you haven't already, be thinking about the larger environment of your Disney vacation or visit. This is worth including in your memory keeping. It not only provides context for your concentrated time in the resorts and parks, but it might also serve as a trigger for your memories.

More ideas to come on how you can capture the essence of the sun and palms associated with your Disney vacations!

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