May 22, 2014

My Happy Little Finds | The Muppets

I have found that round-up posts and blogger picks are great places to see something new and interesting. And I often see LOTS of cool and fun stuff on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

So...I thought I would give this post idea a try as a way to close out a specific memory keeping story before moving on to the next one. I kept seeing things here and there that made me think, "People should see this!"..."Wow, this is so creative!"..."I would love to have that!" - but they weren't always relevant for my scrapbooking or other memory keeping purposes. Some may offer creative inspiration, a little whimsy to your life, or...may cause you to scratch your head and say, "What was she thinking?!"

See below for my first installment of My Happy Little Finds. Yes, the title is original and creative - trying to keep it tight around here!

My favorite musical appearance on The Muppet Show - Elton John sings "Crocodile Rock."
(image courtesy of TVTIMES/SCOPEFEATURES.COM via

The Muppet Show on DVD, Seasons 1 through 3

The Muppets on Instagram. By far some of the best #selfies on social media.

Vintage letterhead, catalogued on I would write lots more letters if I had some stationery like this. 
(image courtesy of the Anthology blog, found here)

This Happy Place blog by Estelle - where Muppets and Disney fans unite!
note the weekly feature "Muppets Mondays"

I would love to own the green Kermit mug.
(image courtesy of the Disney Parks Blog, found here)

I may not be so bold to wear many of the outfits suggested, but I love their spunk!
- so many great Muppets DisneyBound ideas -
(image courtesy of, found here)

There is some very cool artwork out there depicting the Muppets in various artistic styles - I LOVED the renditions created by Etsy seller and graphic designer Nick of retroartprint, especially of Dr. Teeth.
(image courtesy of retroartprint, found here)

Do you have a great Muppets find that others should know about? Leave a link in the comments below to share.

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