May 27, 2014

Blog Ponderings

Disney inspired memory keeping | Any Happy Little Thoughts

It has been about three months since I "went live" with this blog. As I expected, I have learned quite a bit in a short amount of time about blogging, the [digital] scrapbooking industry and online community, the online Disney community, and how to use new-to-me social media - I am still trying to figure out how to properly use Twitter! And one thing I have come to acknowledge much sooner than I would have thought: the calendar does not wait for me.

When I first set out developing the purpose and structure of this blog, I knew that I would need to be organized, timely, and committed, and all while being creative. I created an editorial calendar and tried very hard to stick to it.

But - BAM! - my life with four active kids caught up to me real quick.

One thing I have learned so far is that I cannot keep up with the every-two-weeks plan I intended. I thought I could develop scrapbook pages and blog posts with new themes about every two weeks, but I now accept that my perfectionist tendencies will not allow for that type of schedule. My youngest is a half-day kindergartener, and I spend most weekday afternoons carpooling to soccer and baseball practices, and attending Little League games. And now, in three weeks, it will be summer and the kids will be home full-time. Awesome for us as a family, but perhaps not ideal for a creative blogger.

While my focus for this blog is to continue sharing my Disney memories via scrapbook pages, I feel like I can add in a handful of other post topics that are still relevant to either Disney and/or memory keeping, but which require much less prep work and behind the scenes planning. For me, posting on some kind of regular basis not only keeps my readers engaged, but it allows me to write and share ideas, both of which are a large reason for me having this blog in the first place. This simply means that there will be more variety in the posts that show up on the blog in the future. 

what to expect from Any Happy Little Thoughts...
  • continuation of my Disney inspired memory keeping, with an emphasis on themes and stories - including mood boards, music playlists, scrapbook layouts, and related resources
  • My Happy Little Finds - a round-up post of random picks and fun stuff relevant to the most current theme
  • links to posts that I write for other blogs - as seen on Capturing Magic and Bee Tree Studios
  • memory keeping tips, tricks, and tutorials
  • features that spotlight specific layouts and memory keeping projects created by others
  • reviews and highlights of my visits to The Walt Disney Family Museum, located in San Francisco
  • accounts of my experience with runDisney events
  • and of course, Disney Parks trip reports

hello summer

So, what's the story at this moment? In my little part of the world, we are winding down with school, my youngest has a birthday to celebrate, and the kids and I leave for summer travel in about a month. Since I will be away from home for several weeks, I will also be away from my scrapbooking supplies. I hope to have at least one more Disney memory keeping story set up for the blog prior to leaving town, and of course there will be other posts mixed in for good measure. I also intend to spruce up the Pages tabs for the blog, and write a thoughtful About Me segment - essentially taking care of some blog housekeeping.

If you don't already, you can follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to stay up-to-date on any new blog posts, and the stuff going on in between. (My favorite is Instagram - I love sharing sneak peeks and photos!) I know I will be around some Disney magic over the summer - even in some very unique and unexpected places. I can't wait to share with everyone when that happens!

Thanks for reading!


  1. For three years I told myself that after my PTA committment was done, I'd start my own blog. But now I'm having second thoughts. There are plenty of times when I want a place to express my thoughts in more than 140 characters. But my experience with Capturing Magic has taught me that I'm too much of a perefectionist. I'm only writing monthly but I feel like everyplace out is like writing a master's thesis. If I blogged I think I would never scrap.

    1. Hey Terri! I totally know what you mean. It can definitely feel like a lot, especially when you are a perfectionist. I am having to really tell myself to let some things go and not fret too much (blog design, photo expectations, my messy house...haha). It is a constant internal battle. But the irony is that by having this blog, I am finally scrapping again and am actually making pages that I was always afraid to make - fearful that I would regret how I approached the stories, my prized ephemera, the photos. I always keep in the back of my mind that blogging should be a reflection of your passions and in general should make you happy and even feel accomplished. If those things ever go away, then that is a sign. For now, I just tweak as I go.

      So glad you stopped by and left a comment! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.