April 21, 2014

Happy Little Thought: The Muppets

mood board featuring The Muppet Movie, The Muppet Show, Kermit - memory keeping | www.anyhappylittlethoughts.com
Vintage Muppets
Images from The Muppet Movie Original Soundtrack album cover.
"The Muppet Show" logo from wikia.com, found here

With the recent release of Muppets Most Wanted, it got me thinking about my fondness of the characters and the variety of ways the Muppets have been in my life, beginning with my childhood. I have pulled together those memories and will share in later posts how I conveyed those memories in my scrapbook pages. But for now, I have two mood boards that show two similar yet different impressions of The Muppets.

vintage muppets
The first collage pulls together elements from my past relating to my Muppet memories. In my mind, these are the Muppets of my childhood, when Jim Henson was at the head of the production and the music coming from their t.v. and movie appearances was as important as the artistry behind the puppetry and characters. "The Muppet Show," The Muppet Movie, and my favored Kermit plush take center stage. The photos, the film, and the artwork have a grainy, filtered look thanks in large part to the technology of the day, but that serves well to match the slightly fuzzy yet colorful memories in my mind. The colors are very 1970s, somewhat muted, and evoke a warm hug. Good stuff.

Muppets Most Wanted, Kermit the Frog, Muppet*Vision 3D - memory keeping | www.anyhappylittlethoughts.com
Disney Muppets
Muppet*Vision 3D logo from pixiesprite's Photobucket.com library,
found here.
Images from Muppets Most Wanted and Kermit the Frog from Disney's
website, downloads found here.

disney muppets
The second collage is familiar to today's Disney fan, and feels like a re-boot for those vintage Muppets. All the familiar faces are there, as well as their trademark lines, quips, quirks, and looks. Miss Piggy apparently employs an A-list stylist, none of these friends have aged a single day, and mischief, mayhem and loyalty are still the norm, but a-la 21st century style. They even have their own attraction and merchandise in key Disney Parks; command their own brand page on Disney's website; and share selfies on their Instagram feed. They are current yet hold a touch of nostalgia. They are new and old-school at the same time. Thanks to high definition, digital photography, and computer wizardry, their look pops with bolder color and lines, where you can almost see every pore on Piggy's flawless complexion. All of this is also good stuff.

The Muppets

loveable characters
rainbows and banjos
a pig and a frog
singing chef
the underdog
cameo appearances
group sing-alongs
show business
two old fogeys
sight gags
intrigue and drama
friends to the end
internationally reknown
drummer on a leash
wocka wocka
dancing chickens
pigs in space
musical numbers
zany antics
adventure seekers
diva status
a scientist and his assistant

Whether you knew them decades ago or you know them now thanks to Disney, think about your favorite Muppet moments. I have lots of them. How about you? Stay tuned for more Muppet love coming to the blog this week.

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