March 19, 2014

Frozen - Ideas for Documenting a New Disney Classic

documenting everything frozen 

To celebrate the release on DVD this week of the wildly popular, award-winning film FrozenI decided to create cards to fit pocket and Project Life pages. I haven't been in the parks since the movie's release, so I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Elsa and Anna, or had the opportunity to catch Olaf who is perched on a roof in Disneyland. I did take my kids to see the movie over the Thanksgiving break and captured some of the magic at the movie theater. You can read about our experience and the ways that I documented our outing on the Capturing Magic blog. In fact, Capturing Magic has several great posts about all things Frozen, including some free downloads (which I link within this post) and a Pinterest board. Go check it out!

Olaf paper piecing created using this official Disney printable,
which I sized down before printing on white cardstock.

All of the cards pictured here were printed by me at home, and are either 3x4, 4x4, or 4x6 as noted. (I cropped them all to a square to fit the grid seen below.) I am storing most of the cards shown in the sampler in a Design K Photo Pocket Page - Project Life by Becky Higgins where I will keep them adjacent to the layout I made from when we saw the movie. Down the road, I can use the cards when I have more photos or content to add to my album that relates to Frozen. I created the quote cards and a few others of my own design using Microsoft Word or PicMonkey. Because I am not a PSE user, I rely on Word, PicMonkey, and Picasa for almost all of my digital-based elements. I've included some detail shots of some of the cards - iradescent sequins, white glitter, and rhinestones add texture and sparkle and enhance the snow, ice, and princess themes. 

sources for disney's frozen project life sampler

Top Row
Snowflake 4x4 card - Northern Magic pocket card kit by Chelle's Creations
Movie Poster 3x4 card - downloads available on the official Disney's Frozen movie site
Let It Go 4x4 card - Erika Ormig font 
Norway Flag 3x4 card - Northern Magic pocket card kit by Ziggle Designs 
Oaken Travel Poster 3x4 card -

Second Row
Scenic View of Arendelle Travel Poster 3x4 card -
Elsa 4x4 card - image from Disney's Frozen - a Little Golden Book, 2013 Edition
Blue & White 4x6 card - Project Mouse: Basics Card Pack by Britt-ish Designs & Sahlin Studio, snowflake punch, and sequins
I Like Warm Hugs 3x4 card - Frozen font
Olaf in Summer 3x4 card - screen shot taken from Facebook Messenger with Olaf/Frozen Facebook sticker

Third Row
Love Quote 3x4 card - Project Mouse: Basics Card Pack by Britt-ish Designs & Sahlin Studio, Erika Ormig font
Sister Love 4x4 card - Northern Magic pocket card kit by Chelle's Creations, Erika Ormig font
Frozen characters puzzle 4x4 - from a Subway kid's meal (no lie!)
Sun & Snow 3x4 card - printed blue circle, chipboard sun from mambi Chips by me & my BIG ideas, sequins
Red & White Snowflake Pattern 3x4 card - Northern Magic pocket card kit by Chelle's Creations

Fourth Row
Anna's Fringe 3x4 card - mimic of the fringe on Anna's cloak using a circle punch, thread, and cardstock
Anna 3x4 card - image from Disney's Frozen - a Little Golden Book, 2013 Edition
Anna & Elsa title 4x6 card - Project Mouse: Fantasy Journal Cards by Britt-ish Designs & Sahlin Studio, Playfair and Georgia fonts from, with glitter
Let It Go quote 4x4 card - Frozen font with glitter
White Felt Snowflake 4x4 card - pattern paper from Amy Butler Lotus Mat Pad by K&Company, snowflake from supply stash, sequins

Bottom Row
Blue & White 3x4 card - Project Mouse: Rides & Attractions Journal Cards by Britt-ish Designs & Sahlin Studio
Chocolate Quote 4x4 card - Frozen font
Arendelle Travel Poster 3x4 card -
Mickey Mouse Paint Chip 3x4 card - Paint Chip Cards: Mickey by Sahlin Studio, snowflake button

detail of rhinestones adhered to snowflake image using small glue dots
the digital version mimics rhinestones, which serves as the placement guide for the real rhinestones
using a very fine paintbrush, I painted regular glue on the white caps of the mountains
and dusted transparent/white glitter for coverage
card printed using Frozen Travel Poster from
4x4 card from Northern Magic pocket card kit by Chelle's Creations
added page flags from the Dollar Spot at Target
heart tag made with supplies from my supply stash and glitter added
Erika Ormig font used for text

I also used an insert page that has three 4x4 pockets where I placed an article from the Disney VISA Rewards - Winter 2013 flyer about the characters and music being added to "World of Color" at Disney's California Adventure. I was able to cut the article into two 4x4 squares. Something like this can be used to add information and details to your story, or can be used as temporary pocket fillers in the event you want to add Frozen related photos at a later date. (It would have been perfect if we actually saw this in person!). To finish the last pocket I included one of the 4x4 cards I made. 

Erika Ormig font used for 4x4 card, small snowflake charm added with glue dot
Design I Photo Pocket Pages - Project Life by Becky Higgins

project mouse

Because I had several of the Project Mouse journal card sets already on hand, I looked through them to see if any would work with the Frozen themes and colors. Since this movie includes a wide range of color schemes - and with so many shades of blue, gray, and white - I decided on a handful of blue and white cards that would work well (especially when you add a few other touches of snow and sparkly effects!). As I mentioned, I haven't been to the parks since the movie debuted in November 2013, but I was thrilled to see all the social media coverage of the new Fesitval of Fantasy Parade at the Magic Kingdom, including the beautiful float for Frozen. And Anna's gorgeous with all the green! With permission, I printed out a 4x6 screen shot of a great capture of the parade that I found on Instagram, and paired it with assorted Project Mouse cards. My brief journaling is simple and captures an experience I hope to have on a future trip to the Magic Kingdom. What we hope to do in the future is fun to include in a scrapbook, too! I will likely only keep the photo, journaling card, and title card as a set to go along with my ongoing Frozen story, and the remaining cards I can use in a future layout. 

and Rides & Attractions Journal Cards by Britt-ish Desgins & Sahlin Studio
Paint Chip Cards: Mickey by Sahlin Studio / paint chip was sized at 3x4 and adhered to a piece of 4x6 vellum
fonts used include Erika Ormig (love quote)
Playfair (title) and Georgia (location and date) both on
Thank you to Instagram user @maggieg119 for permission to use her photo.
the polka dots on the digital version of washi tape were glittered using a fine tip paint brush and glue

story concept

Do you document your experience of seeing movies at the theater?
What other ways might you capture a current pop culture craze like Frozen?

I discussed some ways to enhance your movie-going experience in my Capturing Magic blog post about seeing Frozen last November. Some of those ideas are subtle and very easy to do. Other ideas might be a bit more adventurous for some (like when I saw two teenage girls at a Monsters U movie last summer - they were wearing what appeared to be Halloween costumes of Mike and Sully - "Good for them!" I thought, although they certainly stood out in the audience - not sure I would have been as brave!). No matter how you choose to go to the theater, it can be fun to get photos, take screen shots of your phone (if you use digital ticketing), save ticket stubs or other paper ephemera that relates to the film, etc. to help record your memory of seeing that specific movie. Ticket stubs can go in a memory jar at home; the photos can be used for Project Life and other scrapbook albums.

In addition to photographs and printed materials, you might find it worthwhile to video or record your children singing along to the Frozen soundtrack - I know I have seen friends and relatives post such videos on social media. Or if you have a group of friends who enjoy karaoke, or singing in the car, get that recorded, too. Based on the activity I have seen on Pinterest and Facebook, there is no doubt a lot of Frozen inspired birthday parties, play dates, and craft activities are going on right now. And for those who are sick and tired of letting it go, building snowmen, and maybe just wintry thoughts in general - you can share that as well. It cracks me up to hear my boys mock "Let It Go" as they talk about how tired they are of hearing all the girls singing Frozen songs all.the.time. Even my five year old son tells me I am "obsessed" with it (his word choice). 

It is worthwhile to document it all - you will be glad you did years from now.


Because Frozen is the newest story to come out of Disney with brand new characters and theming, there is not as much on the web like you might find with other Disney princesses and films. I created a Pinterest board to share more memory keeping ideas centered around Anna, Elsa, Olaf and the rest. Frozen Pinterest Board

Do you have any special traditions or unique ways to document going to the movies? Who is your favorite Frozen character? Have you used any specific products that worked well with a Frozen themed layout or project?  

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