March 31, 2014

Happy Little Thought: The Green Side of Disney

mood board featuring a Little Golden Book + 2010 festival guide - Disney inspired memory keeping |
Bambi Inspired - Flowers & Gardens
Image of book cover from Walt Disney's Bambi -
a Little Golden Book, 2004  Edition.
Epcot logo and graphic from the 2010 Epcot International
Flower & Garden Festival Guide.

Flowers and gardens are a significant part of the Disney environment, yet they are often in the backdrops of of our vacation photos instead of taking center stage in our photography. And that makes total sense unless you are a gardening enthusiast or you're attending the flower and garden festival at Epcot in the spring. However, you may actually have a collection of photos that deserve further inspection and a place in your memory keeping efforts if you are willing to take a peek. In celebration of the spring season arriving after a very long winter, I wanted to tell a story about the green side of Disney.

Disney Flowers, Gardens & Topiaries

art meets nature
loads of color
attention to detail
butterflies and bumblebees
favorite characters
festival features
living with the land
whimsical designs
master gardeners
a green education
timeless topiaries
bloom and grow
painting the roses
magical landscapes
flower power
fairy gardens
gardens of the world
hanging baskets
welcome spring
horticultural showcase

mood board featuring Little Golden Book + 2010 Epcot festival guide - Disney inspired memory keeping |
Alice in Wonderland Inspired - Flowers & Gardens
Image of book page from Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland Meets the
White Rabbit
 - a Little Golden Book, 1951.
Flower with bird graphic from the 2010 Epcot International
Flower & Garden Festival Guide.

bambi + alice in wonderland + the lion king

So what do these three Disney stories have in common? All three are well represented in the parks, books, films, and music with nature, gardening, spring, and floral themes. I liked the idea of using elements from those classics to help tell my story about Disney's flowers and the topiaries that I am fond of. You may have other characters or aspects of the Disney brand in mind when it comes to gardening, and that will likely depend on what you have photos of and the nature of your memories. Some people may not care a thing about this topic - and that's okay, too! But if you do love the plants and flowers around Disney's properties, or you are willing to see what you have when you stop to look and think about it, then perhaps you will be inspired to document your own version of this story as well.

More ideas are coming in the next few days...just in time to welcome Spring!

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