March 31, 2014

Happy Little Thought: The Green Side of Disney

mood board featuring a Little Golden Book + 2010 festival guide - Disney inspired memory keeping |
Bambi Inspired - Flowers & Gardens
Image of book cover from Walt Disney's Bambi -
a Little Golden Book, 2004  Edition.
Epcot logo and graphic from the 2010 Epcot International
Flower & Garden Festival Guide.

Flowers and gardens are a significant part of the Disney environment, yet they are often in the backdrops of of our vacation photos instead of taking center stage in our photography. And that makes total sense unless you are a gardening enthusiast or you're attending the flower and garden festival at Epcot in the spring. However, you may actually have a collection of photos that deserve further inspection and a place in your memory keeping efforts if you are willing to take a peek. In celebration of the spring season arriving after a very long winter, I wanted to tell a story about the green side of Disney.

March 19, 2014

Frozen - Ideas for Documenting a New Disney Classic

documenting everything frozen 

To celebrate the release on DVD this week of the wildly popular, award-winning film FrozenI decided to create cards to fit pocket and Project Life pages. I haven't been in the parks since the movie's release, so I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Elsa and Anna, or had the opportunity to catch Olaf who is perched on a roof in Disneyland. I did take my kids to see the movie over the Thanksgiving break and captured some of the magic at the movie theater. You can read about our experience and the ways that I documented our outing on the Capturing Magic blog. In fact, Capturing Magic has several great posts about all things Frozen, including some free downloads (which I link within this post) and a Pinterest board. Go check it out!

March 18, 2014

Frozen - The Mixtape Edition

cassette tape design from Positive Spin 3x4 Journal Cards by One Little Bird Designs
Erika Ormig font used for 4x4 quote card
puzzle from Subway kid's meal

Disney's Frozen movie and soundtrack burst forth upon the scene like the Polar Vortex - with plenty of force and staying power. In fact, it had such presence and acclaim that it secured two Oscars at the 2014 Academy Awards, for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song.

March 17, 2014

Happy Little Thought: Frozen

image of Elsa from Disney's Frozen - a Little Golden Book, 2013 Edition
Frozen font used for 4x4 card
4x4 snowflake card from Northern Magic pocket card kit by Chelle's Creations

image of Anna from Disney's Frozen - a Little Golden Book, 2013 Edition
Frozen font used for 4x4 card
pattern paper from Amy Butler Lotus Mat Pad by K&Company

Frozen font used for 3x4 card
3x4 red/white card  from Northern Magic pocket card kit by Chelle's Creations
3x4 Norway flag card from Northern Magic pocket card kit by Ziggle Designs
Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna Travel Poster from
sun chipboard from mambi Chips, by me & my BIG ideas


sister love
magic spell
lots of snow
ice castle
talking snowman
loyal companion
ice monster
the big thaw
what is love
sweater weather
gloved hands
beautiful palace
rolling trolls
blocks of ice
melting hearts
clumsy vs. classy
manipulative suitor
polar vortex
the snow queen

Let It Go 4x4 card - Erika Ormig font
Movie Poster 3x4 card - downloads available on the official Disney's Frozen movie site
Disney's Frozen - a Little Golden Book, 2013 Edition
White Felt Snowflake 4x4 card - pattern paper from Amy Butler Lotus Mat Pad by K&Company

These Frozen themed mood boards, collage, and words offer a preview for the story that I wanted to tell about a current popular Disney movie and characters. I will be sharing lots of ideas for documenting this film and its themes in your scrapbooks, so stay tuned!

For tomorrow: my quirky take on songs inspired by the movie and its soundtrack. Lots of ice, snow, and winter references included. I'm retiring this long cold winter with a bang.

March 5, 2014

Dumbo the Flying Elephant - Treasured Photo + Classic Ride

3x4 card from Project Mouse: Fantasy by Britt-ish Designs and Sahlin Studio
book page from Disney Animal Friends: Happy to Help by Liane Onish
Design E Photo Pocket Pages - Project Life by Becky Higgins

original photo scanned at 600 dpi and edited in Picasa

Playfair Display font for title, Georgia font for text
8.5x11 Vertical Page Protectors - Project Life by Becky Higgins

I don't know about most people, but when I think of the quintessential childhood theme park ride, I think of Dumbo. I guess it has to do with the collective images in my mind over the years thanks to Disney's marketing of the theme parks (which often features Dumbo); the ride's original location in the Magic Kingdom (in the heart of the park, with a view of the castle); its appeal to the youngest children (and the young at heart); and how it represents an animated Disney classic (beautiful animation and music). The attraction itself is original to Disneyland from 1955. Perhaps I love the fact that there is a picture of me as a young child riding it – during my first ever visit to a Disney park. As a young adult and even with the kids as they got older, I would pass on riding it when we were in the parks. It tends to have long wait times for what really comes down to a ride you can get at a carnival. But for the little ones, it really is a special experience.

We made it a point to ride Dumbo in 2011, when we took Henry as a three year old for his first visit to the Magic Kingdom. He rode it with me, and Oscar and Elizabeth (then nine years old) attempted to video the experience as they rode the elephant in front of us. We also have video of the kids riding the new double Dumbo attraction in 2012 after an impressive re-working of the original ride. Although the raw footage might induce some nausea for all the up-and-down that was going on during the ride, there are some priceless glimpses of Henry's expression as he flew through the air on that flying baby elephant.

Now we will be visiting Disneyland since we have moved to California, so I will have to be sure to check out Dumbo on my next trip. Revisiting the photos I have from the attraction in the Magic Kingdom and watching the original movie recently has made me appreciate it all the more. For a midway-style ride, it has a lot of charm. I have no real memory of that one day in 1977 when I was a two year old, sitting in Grandmother’s lap with my aunt and cousin next to me, but I cherish the idea that the little-girl-me probably had a wonderful time that day with family, and I get to have that little connection through the photos. Not a lot has changed for Dumbo – parents and small children still smile for the camera before, during, and after the flight. I am thankful for the memories of the flying elephant.
Journaling – February 2014

3x4 card from Project Mouse: Fantasy by Britt-ish Designs and Sahlin Studio
book page from Disney's Wonderful World of Reading - Walt Disney's Dumbo
8.5x11 Vertical Page Protectors - Project Life by Becky Higgins

small white stars made from hole punching patterned paper scraps

3x4 journal card used to list dates of the photos used in this story
more dates can be added if more photos are added to the story

left image is the front side, right image is the reverse side
Design I Photo Pocket Pages - Project Life by Becky Higgins
book page from Disney's Wonderful World of Reading - Walt Disney's Dumbo

photo captured from video footage, and then edited, in Picasa

4x6 journal card and 3x4 card from from Project Mouse: Fantasy by Britt-ish Designs and Sahlin Studio
image of Timothy Q. Mouse from Disney's Wonderful World of Reading - Walt Disney's Dumbo
12x12 Horizontal Photo Page Protector by American Crafts

Project Mouse journaling card edited in PicMonkey
the dropper tool was used to match text color with card
Playfair font used in PicMonkey

  image of Timothy Q. Mouse from Disney's Wonderful World of Reading -
Walt Disney's Dumbo photographed and converted to watercolor in 
Waterlogue (Waterlogue App for iOS 7 and greater)
red glitter added for sparkle

pages as they appear in album

story concept

What is one of your earliest Disney memories?
What photo or item do you have from your childhood that reminds you of a more recent experience?

Pull originals or copies of those photos together and write down the thoughts that come to your head. These thoughts don't have to be mind blowing or detailed, unless that is how it comes to you. You could easily jot down a list of descriptive words that express your impressions and feelings as you look at the pictures. As I wrote in my journaling, the photo of me in 1977 represents an event I have no real memory of, but the photo still tells me a story. The significance of that photo for me today is the connection I have between my toddler self and my own children, as we experience the exact same attraction. Kind of reminds me of the saying, "The more things change, the more they stay the same." This is certainly true for an old stand-by ride like Dumbo.


I collected a variety of scrapbook layouts, themed kits, and font inspiration on a Dumbo memory keeping Pinterest board, so go check it out for more ideas! Dumbo Pinterest Board

How have you documented multiple experiences with the same ride or attraction from the Disney parks? Do you have any Disney photos from your childhood that have some connection to your Disney experiences as an adult? Any favorite Dumbo or circus themed products that inspire you? Please share below in the comments!

March 4, 2014

Dumbo - The Mixtape Edition

cassette tape design from Positive Spin 3x4 Journal Cards by One Little Bird Designs
book page from Disney's Wonderful World of Reading - Walt Disney's Dumbo

The Dumbo soundtrack has some very memorable songs and covers a wide range of emotions. From the silliness and loudness and commotion of a circus, to the tender feelings of a mother towards her child, this movie had it all within its music. 

My playlist includes a range of genres: Country (Dwight Yokam), Motown (Smokey Robinson and the Miracles), Rock (The Band), and an Oscar-winning composer (Henry Mancini). "Send in the Clowns" by Judy Collins would make me cry when I heard it as a child due to its melancholy tone and Collins' beautiful voice. There are several very good contemporary covers of "Baby Mine" - one version that is found on a Disney lullaby album is what put my kids to sleep when they were babies, so this tune has a special place in my heart. 

listen to the playlist

Click directly on the playlist below to begin listening (it will play from this post if you have Spotify Desktop Player or Web Player on your computer), or click on this link to take you to Spotify's site: Dumbo - The Mixtape Edition.

Leave in the comments below if you have any favorite songs that remind you of Dumbo, flying elephants, and the circus!

March 3, 2014

Happy Little Thought: Dumbo the Flying Elephant

image of Timothy Q. Mouse from Disney's Wonderful World of Reading - Walt Disney's Dumbo,
and converted to watercolor in Waterlogue (Waterlogue App for iOS 7 and greater)
book page from Disney's Wonderful World of Reading - Walt Disney's Dumbo
3x4 Journal Card from Project Mouse: (Fantasy) by britt-ish designs and sahlin studio

  Dumbo the Flying Elephant

bold color
a classic
under the big top
baby mine
preschooler favorite
up and down
flying elephants
organ music
little mouse
dueling dumbos
around and around
circus peanuts
sweet character
a magic feather
clown act
mr. stork
the ringmaster
circus train
ticket to ride
memorable moment

Walt Disney's Dumbo - a Little Golden Book, 2004 Edition

The Dumbo themed mood board, collage, and word list offers a preview for the story that I wanted to tell about a cherished childood photo, some favorite vacation memories, and an appreciation for a classic Disney attraction. 

Tune in tomorrow for some musical inspiration. 

Here's a hint: Baby Mine + Tears of a Clown  


March 2, 2014

Welcome to Any Happy Little Thoughts!

Welcome to Any Happy Little Thoughts,
a blog about preserving Disney memories....

This first week of March is the first set of blog posts, and I am 
planning to have many more to share. Thanks for visiting!